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After all the controversy over Alexander Dauber’s heretical cross between a Nova Scotia duck-tolling retriever and an Australian shepherd, Dauber has decided to do another outcross.

To a Welsh springer spaniel!

Dauber is doing these outcrosses to save Nova Scotia duck-tolling retrievers, which are a quite inbred breed that has some issues with MHC diversity and heterozygosity, which tends to show up in severe autoimmune diseases.

As a breed, they have no obvious exaggerations, so they should be living well into their teens.

Depending upon whom one consults, the average lifespan of this breed is in the 7 to 10 year range.

Which is pathetic.

Dauber has caught all sorts of hell from the pure blood brigade cultists, and even received very harsh criticism from Dr. Bruce Cattanach, who did a similar outcross program for nothing more than cosmetic reasons. (Cattanch is a good man and great scientist, but he’s dead wrong here.)

Tollers need greater MHC diversity as a population,  and within the dogs, they also need greater heterozygosity.

Toller fanciers regularly troll any posts on these dogs, claiming they live to be 14, 16, or 25 years old, usually with anecdotal evidence.

They really don’t understand what shape this breed is in, and they really don’t care.

I’m sure to catch hell from these people, but Mr. Dauber’s work is important, regardless of what the nattering cultists say.


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