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New whippet puppy

We got a new whippet puppy. His name is Static, and he comes from Sugar Rush Whippets in Central Ohio. He’s a little different flavor from the show dogs we normally have, but he and Poet are best friends. Indeed, Poet is showing Static the ropes on how to be a proper whippet. We do enjoy watching the two of them play and cuddle.


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It all makes sense, except for those barking retrievers and that fawn whippet that was Robert Hardy’s own beloved dog.

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Materials needed:

  1. 1 German shepherd that likes other dogs.
  2. 1 whippet that likes other dogs and is friends with German shepherd.
  3. Ball.


  1. Throw ball for both dogs.
  2. Whippet will beat the German shepherd to the ball.
  3. Whippet will decide to run a victory lap, and the German shepherd will chase him.
  4. No German shepherd alive can catch a whippet, so they will run a whole lot more than if you just threw the ball for the German shepherd.
  5. Repeat once the whippet gets done with the ball and delivers it to hand.

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Rag racer

Poet playing chase with his big tug rope this morning.

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Poet and Clavo enjoyed some tug-of-war today.

The little whippet wins of course.

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Turning into a Whippet

Poet is turning into a proper whippet.

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The boys

Poet (whippet) and Streamer (saluki/tazi) out mafficking about on a sunny November Afternoon.

poet streamer 1

poet stremer 5

poet streamer 4

poet streamer 2

poet streamer 6

popo 1




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