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White-headed capuchin monkeys (Cebus capucinus) do use citrus and other plants to control ectoparasites.

After all, citrus fruit can be used for flea control in domestic dogs and cats, so it makes since that a monkey would try it.

It may not be much of a shock to learn that capuchin monkeys are considered the most intelligent of the New Word primates. Some of these monkeys may have passed the famous mirror test for self awareness. It is very likely, then, that these monkeys have learned this behavior and have passed it along through the generations.


Now, you may know these monkeys a little better than most.

In the US, these animals accompanied organ grinders who trained the monkeys to perform on the street. Because of their association with the street performers, they were once called “organ grinder monkeys.”

Several monkeys make up the genus Cebus, and all are now call capuchins. They are so named for an order of friars called the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin. Members of this order wore brown hoods, which looked something like the brown “hooded” fur of these monkeys.


A famous white-headed capuchin of a more recent era was Marcel from the sitcom Friends.



If you’re interested in videos like this, check out NatureBreak.org.

The videos are very well-done, and I particularly liked the videos that featured hellbenders and timber rattlesnakes, creatures that actually can be found in my part of the world (even though they look quite exotic.)

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