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A buck with a damaged antler is the first to visit this year’s feeding station:

The antler could very well continue to grow out at this weird angle. The antler is still in velvet and will be for the next month or so.


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An old buck


Not bad for West Virginia.

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Not a coyote, but I’ll take it:



It’s just the musk from the glands that brought in this deer, who is apparently too wise to come into the other camera.

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Buck chasing a doe

buck chasing a doe 

On the trail cam early this morning.


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well that worked buck

There are two lures in the trees behind this trail cam.

This is the main breeding buck in this territory, and these big ‘uns didn’t get big by not being cautious.  That’s why you almost never see one in the middle of the day.

But this time of year all it takes a doe pee to bring them out!



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The rut is in high gear and deer season is little over a week away, so the best way to attract the deer now is is to use this synthetic urine in the scrapes.

This fake urine mimics the scent of rival buck, which will make the resident buck come in and mark over it.

These scrapes are how white-tail bucks mark their breeding territories, which they hold only during the rut.

Outside of the rut, the same bucks will run together in a band all year, but as soon as the hormones take over, they can’t stand each other!

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On the trailcam:


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