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Yep.  Willie is a daddy.

Here is the breeder’s website.

Two of them are available, if you’re interested.

This breeder is in the Fayetteveille, North Carolina, area.

Here is a some footage of the proud papa (that’s my voice, BTW):


He will play ball all day if you let him.

And he’s a regular commentator on this blog!

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Willie is pissed at anyone who rough-talks or high-pitches his daddy.

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Willie had a major success last night, and I was sent the photo.

Willie is a smaller than normal JRT, and he’s had some issues being used at stud. I was called in February when poor Willie couldn’t quite do his duties. He’s just not that tall.

However, last night, he was able to perform as he should.

Let’s hope that in 9 weeks, we’ll have little Willies running about.

Oh, and by the way, I would give allow Willie to be a contributor to the blog.

However, someone cut off his thumbs when he was a baby, and now he can’t type.

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Willie looks a bit angelic in this photo, doesn’t he?

That is one-eyed Madeleine in the background.

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This is another photo of Willie the squirrel– and ball-chasing Jack Russell.

You can really see his little freckles on his face. He has them all over the white parts of his body.

My guess is that he was wanting someone to throw his ball when this photo was taken.

I do find it interesting that he looks  a lot like this champion fox terrier.

Of course, a Jack Russell is a non-show version of the old fox terrier breed that was bred solely for its working ability.

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Willie is the only Jack Russell I have known with such a pronounced retrieving instinct.

He will fetch a ball or a stuffed toy until you are tired of it.

I remember getting into a little bit of trouble when Willie was about six months old. He was wanting to play fetch really bad, and I ran him pretty hard through the mud.

 Mostly white JRT’s don’t look so nice when they covered in mud.

You can tell from this beach photo that Willie will chase even a sand-covered tennis ball until the cows come home.

Now, if only I could find another golden retriever like that…

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