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Wolf attack?


Judging from the behavior of the second wolf, one can see what actually happened here.

It’s unlikely that these wolves have learned to hunt people.

It’s not exactly a wolf attack.

The first wolf was trying to cannibalize the dog.

When the first wolf was shot, the second wolf came by and ate it.

These wolves have learned to use cannibalism as a way of feeding themselves.

It’s not that unusual.

Lots of wolves die from other wolves.

I should note here that cannibalism among dogs is quite rare.

When my grandpa was trapping, dogs never ate fox meat.

They would eat skunk meat.

But they wouldn’t touch a fox or an opossum.

We have an idiom in the English language– “Dog eat dog.”

It refers to really bad conditions that cause cut-throat behavior.

Things have to be really bad before a dog will eat another dog.

However, it is well-known that dogs on arctic and Antarctic expeditions were used as a food source for their living counterparts. Some even made calculations on how many dogs they would need on expeditions under the assumption that some dogs would die and become dog food for the living.

I have also read that dogs won’t eat wolf meat, except under extreme conditions.

But wolves don’t have such restrictions. They will eat each other. They will eat dogs. They will eat foxes. They will eat coyotes.

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