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Wood frogs announce spring is coming

The wood frogs are spawning now. I caught these two in amplexus.


Wood frogs are the first frogs to come out. This is the species that freezes in the winter and comes out fine as soon as it starts to thaw a bit.  They have blood that acts as sort of an anti-freeze agent that prevents the tissue from being damaged.

They can lay eggs in frigid water, and the tadpoles will be fine.


Winter is slowly fading from us. The wood frogs are the first sign.




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While a wood frog tadpole eats gunk of its back!


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Wood frog tadpole feeding



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Wood frogs are out


The surest sign that winter is on its way out is the wood frogs have begun to spawn. These frogs are famous for their ability to survive nearly frozen in northern Canada and Alaska.  Up to two-thirds of the water in their bodies freezes in the winter.

And if they can survive those conditions, they pretty much thrive here.

They are unbelievably difficult to photograph. Once I approach within 30 feet of their mud holes, they dive under and stay there.

So here is the best photo I was able to get of them:


They are in the middle, and they are blurry mud-colored things. I will try with the telephoto lens tomorrow.

But I did get some wonderful images of the frogspawn.





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