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When did they change from this,




And this


To this,




and this?


It happened at least ten years ago, when I wasn’t in the market for a golden retriever, and I didn’t realize what was going on with the show lines.

I don’t think I’ll be as quiescent and complacent as I was when the shift happened.

In fact, I’ll do anything within my power to make them shift back.

These dogs are nothing like they once were, and you have to hunt hard to find a good one.

But in the popular imagination, golden retrievers don’t look like the old type, and I find this scary. That means that hundreds and maybe thousands of dogs will not be considered goldens if they are picked up on the street.

I saw a supposed Irish setter/golden retriever cross on the Dogs with Jobs show. He was no such thing. He was just a dark gold dog with a lighter build than what apparently show up in the ring and in dog breed books.

If you see a dark golden with  a light build, the odds are in favor of it being a golden retriever, not a crossbreed. I wouldn’t have had to say this ten years ago, because most golden retrievers in this country looked more like the old way.

This is the first real shift I’ve seen in goldens in this country, although the Europeans shifted their golden retrievers many decades ago.

So the dog fancy hates conserving the dog type. It claims to do so, but in reality, it is as susceptible to fickle caprices as virtually any fashion trend in clothing.

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