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Memarken's Spice

From Kennel Memarken in Sweden.

“Roll that beautiful bean footage!”

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Unfortunately this dog has been listed (incorrectly) as a mix:

It’s much more likely that he’s purebred, just not of the type one sees at dog shows or on TV.

Compare with this photo of some Noranby goldens from the 1930’s, which is sort of the blog’s thematic photo:

You can still find these dogs in working and performance lines in the breed.


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Source for image.

This particular golden looks like a red flat-coated retriever.

Brown skinned dogs are genetically livers or chocolates that have the e/e genotype that prevents the brown pigment from appearing on the coat.

See earlier post:



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The goldens are working type dogs of the conventional sort, but the cockers are of the old-fashioned, long-backed strain.

Hey, they got a crow!

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Golden retriever fetching a cock pheasant in the Czech Republic.

Maybe it’s more accurate to say he got him by something else.

But let’s keep it clean for today.

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(Source for image)


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