banded linsang curtis

Banded linsangs are creatures that have commonly been referred to as civets, but both linsang species from Asia are actually a sister group with felids. They are the closest thing to a cat that isn’t a cat.

This depiction was made by John Curtis, who never saw one alive. The only one he ever saw a specimen collected on the Malay Peninsula by Major-General William Farquhar.

The real animal is actually quite a bit more stunning.

Miley had her Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) surgery this week to correct her torn CCL (cranial cruciate ligament).

She came back looking like a drugged lion with a cone on her head.

miley lion tta

(Yes, I know the harness is on wrong!).










Another Elizabethan collar:


She has eight weeks of recovery, including some physical therapy.

Miley’s been off the blog for some time now. She’s had this knee injury that has kept her from doing anything interesting all summer.

But in a few months, she should be back to normal.

happy boykin meme

September 1 is Boykin Spaniel Day in South Carolina.

It’s also the first day of dove season in South Carolina.


We got a cat


And I found a nice track:


I’ve put out some catnip to see if we can get some better photos of Lynx rufus.

dog idiots

This is why I don’t blog as much about dogs as I once did.

On the trail camera this week, I got two interesting animals:

An alien black cat:


And a striped skunk:


This is the first skunk I’ve been able to get on the trail camera, which adds one more carnivoran family to the list.

No. Skunks aren’t Mustelids anymore. Their family is Mephitidae, This family includes two Southeast Asian “stink badgers” and all the skunks of North and South America.

The most common species of skunk in West Virginia is the striped skunk, but in the very high Alleghenies there is a relict population of Eastern spotted skunks.  Eastern spotted skunks are thought of as a “Southern” species, but in West Virginia, they are found only in the colder High Alleghenies.

I just hope that black cat stays away from white paint.

There are plenty of Pepe Le Pew cartoons that tell you what happens when a black cat gets a white stripe painted on it!


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