Big coyote last night

I thought it was Miley. It’s clearly a relatively big canid with a robust body.


If you look closely, though, you can clearly see the tail tip is black, and there is no feathering.

And Miley was inside at midnight last night.

And well, if you look very closely, it’s got a certain organ…

It’s a dog coyote, not a bitch.



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A blog announcement

Because I no longer have the time to moderate the blog comments, I have set the blog to where it will close off any post older than 30 days for any new comments.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I am going through quite a bit of soul-searching on blog and where I want to go with it. I have changed my mind about many issues on the blog, and I have also found errors. I am tempted to do an errata post, but I am resisting it. Let’s just leave things as they are.

You may have noticed that there are fewer dog posts in recent months, and as it stands right now, I am no longer writing dog-related posts.

Of course, this decision is subject to change.

Dogs themselves will always have my deep admiration and fascination, but the world of “dog people” has taken its toll on me.

I was diagnosed with depression last year, and as I’ve looked at things that could set off an episode, it turns out that regular pugilism on online fora is one of the worst triggers.

One cannot write about dogs without engaging in this sort of combat.

So I’ve stopped writing about them. I still have my ideas about dogs, which I am more than happy to discuss with you, but I just cannot continue producing dog posts like I once did.

Maybe I will change my mind.


I know I will change my mind at some point.

But for right now, the main focus is going to be wildlife.

I have two trail cams out right now– solely to produce content for this blog.

So that’s what to look forward to.



A wild dog





The young drake is almost in full plumage now.





Autumn is slowly revealing its splendors.





Mallard metamorphosis

The young drake is coming into his adult winter/breeding plumage.




The closed registry system is so nineteenth/twentieth century. This is what the dogs need now.


David Cunningham comments on this blog pretty regularly.



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