I made a little scent post for the trail camera a few days ago. I used red fox urine with a bit of coyote gland lure rubbed on the top.

Miley offed a gray squirrel the same day, so  was put near the post.

And a coyote did come by last night

I think it’s a small female, probably a darker gray one that the big dog coyote I’ve been getting on camera.

Eastern coyotes have wolf and domestic dog ancestry and vary quite a bit in appearance. The one from this summer is a bigger animal, probably pheomelanistic, clear sable.

This one is wolf-colored, but clearly lighter-frame. My guess is this is a bitch.


If you’re wondering why I removed the camera, last Sunday I was sitting on that rise where the coyote clearly reveals herself in the video.

My sister’s fiance wanted to go out coyote calling from my dad’s new tree stand. I got to play around with the e-caller when I got a response.

His iPhone managed to capture a bit of the cacophony:


The stand is pretty deep into the woods– maybe 50 yards or so.

I’m sitting on that rise in the old pasture at the edge of the woods.

About two minutes of howling go on, and I start to hear the brush cracking all around me.

There is nearly a full moon out, and it’s clear enough that I can see some things.

But not the thing that is crunching leaves 30 feet in front of me in the access road!

I hear a bark and then something retreating back.

I shine my flashlight into the darkness, and there is a wolfy coyote standing not more then 45 feet from me!

It’s not the one in the video, and it’s not the same one I’ve been getting on camera all summer.

It’s heavily sabled and stoutly built.

It stands there for about 30 seconds before slowly slinking back into the brush.

Yeah. I’m getting on them on camera now.

I’m getting hooked!






Not a coyote, but I’ll take it:



It’s just the musk from the glands that brought in this deer, who is apparently too wise to come into the other camera.

pavel killed thunderchicken

Dave has had Pavel out “bark-pointing” ruffed grouse in Alberta.

The other dog is Riley, a Swedish vallhund gnome wolf.

Pavel treed two grouse, and Dave shot both.

But one wound up falling into a deep hole where the only thing that could get it would be a little terrier or maybe a ferret.



Morning diners

I woke up this morning to these two breakfast diners, a doe and her “button buck” fawn.


They have been eating acorns that have been blown onto the bank.  Acorns are vital for white-tailed deer in this area. They are about the only food that can give them the right amount of fat and protein to make through the winter.



If you look closely, you can see the buttons just above his eyes.


The buttons are the first set of antlers that a buck will have. These will be shed in mid-winter, and next year, he will likely grow what is called a spike rack.

If he were a fallow, we’d call him a prickett at that stage, but the correct term for a white-tailed deer with small antler without any tines is a “spike buck.”




Some fall photos

These were all taken last weekend. The leaves are now past peak here now.












(This is repeat, but from a slightly different angle, with a bit better lighting)


(Coyotes are not allowed to pee here. There are consequences!)












Big coyote last night

I thought it was Miley. It’s clearly a relatively big canid with a robust body.


If you look closely, though, you can clearly see the tail tip is black, and there is no feathering.

And Miley was inside at midnight last night.

And well, if you look very closely, it’s got a certain organ…

It’s a dog coyote, not a bitch.




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