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Seinfeld ethology

It was as if he studied under Vilmos Csanyi,



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This blog now has 1,000 followers. One of which is me, so we really have 999.  But not too shabby.


This means I’m INTERNET FAMOUS now!

internet famous

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Make sure you have the volume on your speakers turned up on high!

My guess is that if the dogs are North American, they will know this sound already.

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From last year, of course.

easter rabbit

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No ground clearance

basset hound

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Don’t cross pugs and American cockers!

There is already a breed for you!

mimétisme chez deux épagneuls king Charles

In America, we call this breed an English toy spaniel. In the rest of the world, it’s called a King Charles spaniel, because both Stuart kings with the name of Charles had these dogs. (But they had longer muzzles and were not far removed from red and white sporting spaniels.)

These dogs became pug-nosed at some point in the late nineteenth century. Lots of sources point to Japanese chin blood, which could have played a part, but I don’t think it was the primary source.  There is some evidence that toy bulldogs and pugs were crossed in.

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel, which is now much better known, was created as an attempt to bring back the dogs of the House of Stuart– to overthrow the Roundheads once again!

Of course, the creators of the Cavalier chose too narrow a gene pool to start their breed, and as it can easily be argued that the Cavalier is a breed failure. Its levels of genetic load far exceed what most people would consider acceptable.

But the pug-nosed English toy spaniel shows what would happen if we began breeding for extreme brachycephaly in gun dogs.

We could do it.

But I don’t think we should!








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Because I’m a prick, that’s why.

i don't always eat giraffe

marius sacrifice


Denmark Zoo Kills Giraffe


hyenas eat giraffe


free rye bread!

Marius the giraffe

You can use the memes as you’d like.

But you might just be going to hell with me!


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