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Well, the Rouen duck hatch was a failure. One duckling out of 20 eggs isn’t good hatch rate.

But because the remaining duckling needs companionship to learn how to be a duck, a trip to the feed store was due.

Two Rouen/mallard crosses, which are sold as “mallards” this time of year, and two pudgy, lazy pekins were added to the brooder. The Rouen that hatched is the duck in front  of the pekin that is lying down.

I used to incubate chicken eggs when I was a kid, and not a single egg hatched.

For just a few ducks, I don’t think incubating is worth it. Plus, it is crushing when you have one that was able to pip through a shell and then die, which is what happened this morning.

All the eggs in the Janoel incubator are dead. The embryos formed so perfectly for 3 weeks, and then they just died.

These five will be a good start to a flock, which will likely be augmented with Khaki Campbell mutts as the summer progresses.

So the Rouen hatch was a failure.







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rouen duckling 1

rouen duckling 2

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We know him best by his pen name, Harun Yahya.


He’s also best known for his Atlas of Creation, which argues evolution doesn’t occur. He has 42-million-year old wolf fossils to prove it! And he has Siberian huskies pictured as wolves!

The oldest fossils of canids are only about 40 million years old, so he’s a bit off. Those first dogs were more or less like genet-fox-racoon looking things than anything like wolves.

His argument isn’t like Kent Hovind’s. Kent Hovind says the earth is 6,000 and non-avian dinosaurs still roam the earth. All life on earth descends from kinds that were on Noah’s Ark, so the Hovind type of creationist allows for some level of evolution. All dogs and wolves descend from a pair of dog kind that were on the Ark.

Adnan Oktar would says that no evolution ever happens. All life has remained the same for millions of years.

I can’t decide which of these two types of creationism is worse, but they both require ignoring tons of evidence.

Like his Christian counterpart, Oktar has been in prison for a few things. He is also prone to conspiracy theories involving Freemasons and Zionists.

But at least he knows that Islam allows you the right to live like Hugh Hefner.









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Wood frogs are out


The surest sign that winter is on its way out is the wood frogs have begun to spawn. These frogs are famous for their ability to survive nearly frozen in northern Canada and Alaska.  Up to two-thirds of the water in their bodies freezes in the winter.

And if they can survive those conditions, they pretty much thrive here.

They are unbelievably difficult to photograph. Once I approach within 30 feet of their mud holes, they dive under and stay there.

So here is the best photo I was able to get of them:


They are in the middle, and they are blurry mud-colored things. I will try with the telephoto lens tomorrow.

But I did get some wonderful images of the frogspawn.





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dog on the ark afghan hound

Hat tip to Bronwen Dickey.

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Ice bark

Some the trees have ice on their bark from the little bit of rain and sleet we had:





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I came across some coyote tracks in the snow.



Their size next to a nickel (US five cent piece):



One foot stepping where the other was.  This is very common in coyotes. They walk almost without wasted movement.



And for comparison, here are some of Miley’s:




There is no hard and fast rule from telling dog tracks from coyote tracks, but in this case, there are no other domestic dogs running loose on this road. Golden retrievers have round “cat feet,” which gives them a pretty compact track in the mud or snow. Coyotes have pronounced center toes on their front feet. There aren’t many dogs that have that particular foot morphology, especially around here where sighthounds really don’t exist (except on the race track).

Miley is also at least 1/3 larger than any coyote that lives here, and because her legs are proportionally shorter, she tends to dig in more when she runs.

That’s how I tell them apart.


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