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It takes a lot of guts for me to admit this, but I have to admit something that I’ve been unable to accept about myself

I think I’m unqualified to own a dog.

It is tough to admit this, but I wasn’t raised around people who ran dogs in trials or who spent lots of money on training.

I have discovered with Miley’s surgery that I find causing a dog pain too objectionable. I don’t might killing a deer, but I don’t think I could ever train a gun dog the traditional way. It would cause me to lose sleep at night.

I don’t live where there are large numbers of wild ducks. There are a few mallards around in the winter, but that’s pretty much it.

So gun dogs are out for me.

Unless I lived in Sweden or Norway, where the demands on the dogs are quite different than they are here.

And when it comes to dogs in general, I’m already blacklisted for what I’ve written about closed registries and the “dog fancy.” Maybe not with everyone, but I know that it’s got to have some effect.

I’m not taking back anything I’ve said here.

I just think the writing is on the wall.

Dogs might give me a lot of joy, but for their sake, maybe I’m better off without them.

And maybe they are too.



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She looks at the camera, which allows us to see that her skull is relatively broad. When she turns in profile, you can see the “stop.”

She also has some lovely black markings on her pasterns. All of these feature probably come from the Great Lakes wolf genes that have worked their way into the Eastern coyote population.

She’s not very big. I estimate her to be a 30-pounder.

But last night I got more coyote footage than I’ve been able to get in nearly two years of doing this.




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Oh West Virginia!

mon black suspect

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I set out some chicken gizzards and hearts for the local carnivorans, and when they didn’t come by, the “carrion birds” had a picnic in the hard November frost.

The title of this post is “Buzzard wars,” and if you are looking for something that looks like a vulture, then I know you’re an American. For some odd reason, we Americans decided to call New World vultures, which are mostly obligate scavengers, “buzzards.”  Almost all other hawks in the genus Buteo are called “buzzards.”

It is certainly true that there are no Old World vultures native to the British Isles, and it’s also true that New World and Old World vultures aren’t that closely related. (How closely related they are is still a hot debate).

However, I think I would have called the red-tailed hawk “the red-tailed buzzard.” I mean look at them! These birds are known in England, and one would think that the first time they saw a red-tailed hawk, the colonists would realize they are so similar to each other.

It is just another example of how our naming of wildlife on this continent is so screwy.

In this video, you will see a red-shouldered hawk (Buteo lineatus), a red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis), and several crows compete over some chicken livers.  Crows fear large hawks and often mob them to drive them off. They also compete over carrion, which will happen more and more often now that the turkey vultures have started to move south.

I will warn you that one of these hawks makes a sound that might make you jump a bit. It’s not exactly expected when it happens!

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I have no words

ben carson egyptologist

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truth technology

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