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Well-behaved doggy

shiny happy doggy

Today was the first time I’ve been complimented on how well-trained Anka is. The fellow who owns the car dealership across the street has seen me out working with her, and he was just so impressed with her.

Now, I still believe she’s mostly in the raw, and we’re working on making her even more dead solid. She’ probably better behaved than most random dogs you’re going to come across, but she’s no top IPO dog, that’s for sure.

I am not a particularly good dog trainer, but this animal and I have just clicked in a very profound way. She is one of those dogs that loves to play ball, but she’s also one of those dogs that really hates to make her owner cross.

And I guess that’s how it works. I have to have a ball crazed nut to build the relationship, because I do not do well with dogs that require constantly cuddling and treats to form the bond.

I wish I had been able to start with her as an 8-week-old pup, and my guess is she didn’t have a perfect life before I got her.  But she is a dead solid German shepherd, with lots of drive and great nerves. She also has defense drive, but it having a brain and good nerves tempers all of it.

Genetics does play a big role in creating the dogs we have. I wish I could have had her as a little puppy so that I could bring about a very strong foundation on what really is an awesome dog.

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This is a documentary I’m going to have to see!

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anka new ball

Anka got a new ball from Tractor Supply. I didn’t catch the name of the ball but decided to try it out. It is perfect for this kind of dog. It is soft enough that she can catch it the air and tough enough to withstand the GSD carnassial crunch.


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This is what a fit dog looks like:

fit anka

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She can fetch the ball, but she can also split it with her carnassial teeth.

anka ball

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Especially when she gets gnats in her ears.

anka gnats in the ears

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