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This pair just lit on a naked branch and posed for me!


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IMG_1165 IMG_1166

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My guess is this is a wild turkey hen trying to hide her poults in the tall grass. She probably had them out for a nice grasshopper hunt on a balmy June morning. but when she encountered me, she went renegade.

Unlike suburban wild turkeys, which appear clueless dumb, those from pressured populations behave with all the stealth of a well-trained and well-seasoned sniper. Any mistake and the shotguns will get you.

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Ducks in the grass

ducks in the grass

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Muddy white ducks. If you zoom in, you can see the blue eyes.

muddy pekin


pekin profile

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dove on a wire

Nothing is capturing my mood now than this little mourning dove out against the fading June sun.

I’m still in mourning. I feel a sadness, too, not just for Miley, but for the nation I was born in as it slowly fades away into the caprices and vagaries of ignorance and greed.

It’s hard to watch the news, and it’s hard to be outside in nature now.

But a little dove on the wire will do now.




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