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miley and deer fan art

This is by Suzanne Phillips of The Hoof and Paw Blog.

This is inspired by Miley’s friendship with the deer, which can be seen in this video:


She and her husband rescue dogs and cats in Eastern Oregon.

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Dave’s new dog

Dave has been in Finland all summer.

While over there, he went to a laika event, and impressed with the dogs, he decided he needed a West Siberian laika.

The only problem is there are very few, if any, of these dogs in Canada.

But there are some in the United States– mostly in Appalachia and the Deep South.

It turns out there is a breeder of West Siberians in Kentucky just west of the West Virginia border.

And through some logistical jujitsu, I was asked to pick up a puppy for him.

I drove to Charleston last night to meet the breeder, and now, if everything goes to plan, Dave should have his little “Pavel” by Wednesday.

He’s quite an interesting dog.

He acts nothing like a Siberian husky.

He pays very close attention to my voice, and he looks me in the eye to ask for direction.

He also can’t stand for me to leave him alone. If I go into another room, he starts whining.

And I got him to do some retrieves this morning– which totally blew my mind!

I know that the Russians do breed these dogs to retrieve, but it’s mostly hit or miss.

I didn’t push him beyond four or five retrieves, so it may have only been a fluke.





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It is a juxtaposition of a top-winning bulldog in the UK, and bulldog from Robert Lieghton’s The New Book of the Dog (1907).

The dog in the Leighton Book is named Rival Stone, and it was pretty typical of a bulldog of the early twentieth century– and is quite different from the modern show bulldog.

The irony, of course, is that the Team Jenny (We was robbed!) Facebook group suggested this book as evidence that bulldogs haven’t changed at all.

It’s easy to prove that this is all nonsense, but Pai did a pretty good job here.

If you’d like to see how much many different breeds have changed over the years, check out Pai’s photobucket.

And if you’re into Chinese crested dogs and other hairless breeds,  you should also check out The Chinese Crested Shrine.

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I check the BBC’s Nature News every morning.

Boy, was I pleased to see this image in an article about a discovery that a Velociraptor’s last meal was a pterosaur!

Where have I seen this before?

Oh yeah. “B. Booth” is Brett Booth, who is Jess Ruffner’s huband.

Jess Ruffner is the author of the fomer blog called DesertWindHounds and.the new and improved blog, DesertWindHounds: A Bitter CynoAnarchist Rages On.  Ms. Ruffner has been known to comment on this blog on occasion.

Brett drew the image, and Jess did the coloring.

They were hoping it got picked up by Fox News, but they did much better this time.

The BBC creams Fox News in every way!

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Florence Amherst's champion show saluki, Ch. Sultan. Also a pretty "homely dog."

Jess’s tazi bitch gives her a lesson in functional conformation:

She isn’t pretty by some standards, she doesn’t have a stylish gait, or a pretty face, but what she does have is miles more important and much harder to breed, because you can’t find it just by trotting the dog around in a circle and looking at it stand four square. Nazgul reminded me why I was thrilled to get her in the first place, why her breeder imported her parents from far away, why my friend spent an inordinate amount of money to import her sister to his country. She reminded me of why I’m breeding these crosses in the first place, and it isn’t to make a bunch of pretty dogs that conform to an abstract idea of what is functional. Nazgul is a beautiful dog and I’m proud to be able include her in my breeding program.

from Schooled by the Homely Red Bitch.

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BorderWars is now ranked 21 on Technorati’s Pets Authority.

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Catie has been visiting Romania with her dad, who also happens to be Willie’s dad and transcriber.

He is there on business.

Catie is there for fun.

She’s enjoying 100 degree temperatures with no air conditioning.

The golden’s name is pronounced something like “Jimmy.” However, I don’t know how to spell it.

I’ve heard lots of stories about this dog, including what happened to him when a family of foxes denned near his house. The foxes kicked his butt whenever he came near the den, which is exactly what I would have expected in a battle between a mother red fox and a golden retriever.

We have discussed setting up a correspondence between Jimmy and Miley. It would be very Mrs. Pumphreyesque.

But so be it.

*Update: The golden’s name is “Gimi.”

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Summer Reading

A package arrived in the mail today.

A reader has sent me a book (this one) for summer reading.

Liz, thanks for the book and the kind words.

I’ll definitely start reading it.

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