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Playful Clive

We had Clive out today for a bit of fun. These photos should give you an idea of what his general temperament is. He is a total clown.

clive loves his ball

clive pounce

clive pounce 3

cute clive

clive pounce 2

clive on the run

clive teddy bear

ciive sniffing

snowy boy


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Snowy face fox

Clive likes the snow!

snow face clive

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Clive enjoyed his snowy walk this morning.

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Just a fox on a lead in a snowy land.

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Clive’s new digs

Clive got a new enclosure, a spacious, multi-level cat cage with his own cushion! Clive gets lots of time loose to play, but having a more spacious cage is certainly good for him.

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Clive at home

Our pet red fox loves us!

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Clive on the Couch

Clive loves to be on the couch and get some love.

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