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dare by the tulips

Dare is one year old today.

COVID-19 means no dog shows for a while, but she’s maturing very nicely.

dare 1 year old

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Dare doing some show training.

dare good stack.jpg

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dare 8 months old.jpg

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Playing ball

Dare blue ball

The throw the damned thing face.

throw the damned thing

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Dare looking good

She was 8 months old on Christmas Day.

dare looking good

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Tan is advancing.

dare black and tan

The tan markigns have expanded. We now have then going up the shoulder and the hip. The blanket markings are easier to see at night when you shine a flashlight on her. You can see where they will eventually be delineated.

Yes, she has some grizzling on her back. That is to be expected in females of this type.

For comparison. Here is her on October 26.

way more black


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Wanting me to throw the ball.

seven months old dare

Getting ripped.

dare muscles

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