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Cammie got muddy today.

Just a little.

From what I’ve heard Willie bayed up a squatch in the backyard.

They all got after it, but poor Cammie tried to hold onto him as he jumped into a mud hole.

That’s my cousin Catie, Cammie’s doting caregiver and trainer.



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Cammie has learned to do some behaviors.



She learned these behaviors by being choked down, flipped on her back, and generally dominated in every way.

You just can’t train Jack Russells any other way.

Actually, you can see how she learned how to do these behaviors. It’s not rocket surgery.

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The girls are definitely growing up. Here’s what they looked like when they were just babies.


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This followed an epic tug-of-war, and then Miley let Rhodie have her raccoon.

Rhodie runs with the raccoon.

Rhodie takes refuge on the couch. (Where Miley can't go.)

Rhodie gloats.

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Rhodie is growing up. She’s all legs.

She shows a lot of the Italian greyhound blood that was put into the old fox terrier.


Alphonse De Lamartine by Decaisne. Mostly white Italian greyhounds.

Willie and Rhodie juxtaposed. She's that much taller than him already. I couldn't get a better photo of them standing together.

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Zhara’s the baby

So cute in this photo:

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Zech has his new horse

She is sleeping in a laundry basket.  The mirror tricks her into thinking there are other puppies around.

She reminds me very much of a pug. I can see why all those nineteenth century dog experts thought of pugs being toy mastiffs.

You can’t see her eyes, but they are very sharp and expressive. This is a smart dog.

She has very well developed muscles already. I’m actually quite shocked at how this dog is put together, and she’s only a seven-week-old!


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Zech’s new horse

My sister holding a six-week-old female mastiff puppy.

My sister and her boyfriend went up between Pittsburgh and Youngstown yesterday evening to pick out a mastiff puppy.

She’s six weeks old and is still too young to leave her mother.

He’s chosen the name Zhara for the puppy.

At six weeks old,  it looks like she’s already larger than Willie.

And she might mature somewhere in the 180 pound range, which is more than twice the size of Miley.

“”As a lion is to a cat, so is a mastiff compared to a dog,” goes an eighteenth century English saying.

And I think they’ve been bred in the current form, which differs quite a bit from the dogs that were historically called mastiffs in England, to look more like the English lion than they did originally.

There is a lot of St. Bernard and bullmastiff in this breed, which is why she looks so fuzzy and sable now. She will mature as an apricot mastiff.

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Rhodie likes UGG boots

Rhodie attacked one of Catie’s UGGS. The UGG fought back!

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I am in the two-year-old range in this photo.  Bull is the collie lying close to the house, while Frito is the Norwegian elkhound, who was part black and part gray elkhound. Yes, my hair actually was that blond!

Sorry about the resolution of this film. I have been taking these photos of these older photos with my iPAD2, and the resolution just isn’t that great.


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