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These two photos are of a dog spying a flask during Prohibition. These were taken at the Potomac River and are dated to February 23, 1922. The dog was actually trained to find hidden stores of liquor. (An early sniffer dog).

1922 golden retriever prohibition

1922 golden retriever prohibition 2

The dog looks a lot like a golden retriever, even though I’m a bit skeptical that it was one. There were almost none of them in the US at the time.

Retrieving dogs are a commonly used as sniffer dogs. All they have to do is associate the scent of what they are retrieving with the substance in question and then build upon that.




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These are not “golden retrievers,” as Christie’s claims. The true golden retriever program wasn’t underway until the 1860’s.

white retrievers

The painter was John Hamilton Glass, and the painting appeared in the Scottish Royal Academy in 1852.

The dogs are fairly large, and the one in the one in the background looks very much like a British conformation type golden retriever.

You can tell they are retrievers because the game presented are a pheasant and duck.

Yellow retrievers existed long before the true golden retriever came about.


And no, that terrier isn’t a Jack Russell, but you could call it that and not be entirely wrong.




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michael of moreton

The Friends of Guisachan are planning to place statue of this dog at the golden retriever ancestral estate.

Funds are being solicited now.

I received an e-mail about this project about a month ago, and I just now discovered it.

But it sounds like a very worthwhile project!

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vesta of woolley

Woolley was Mrs. J.D. Cottingham’s kennel.

Binks painted many of her dogs.


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Winifred Charlesworth, the woman most instrumental in creating a distinct golden retriever breed, with some of her Noranby goldens.


And the modern version: Ginger, photo courtesy of Djanick Michaud of Zomarick Golden retrievers:


In black and white:

ginger black and white

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Whatever it was. She’s after it!


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Most sources list the Tweed water spaniel or Tweed water dog as a breed strongly resembling a small liver or yellow curly-coated retriever.

In the late nineteenth century, the flat-coated retriever expert Stanley O’Neil encountered some of the Tweeds helping salmon fishermen with their nets on the Northumberland coast:

Further up the coast, probably Alnmouth, I saw men netting for salmon. With them was a dog with a wavy or curly coat. It was a tawny colour but, wet and spumy, it was difficult to see the exact colour, or how much was due to bleach and salt. Whilst my elders discussed the fishing I asked these Northumberland salmon net men whether their dog was a Water-Dog or a Curly, airing my knowledge. They told me he was a Tweed Water Spaniel. This was a new one on me. I had a nasty suspicion my leg was being pulled. This dog looked like a brown Water Dog to me, certainly retrieverish, and not at all spanielly. I asked if he came from a trawler, and was told it came from Berwick.

The dogs were water spaniel/Newfoundland (“St. John’s water dog) crosses, which were essentially a regional variant of the curly-coated retriever.


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