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These two are aggressive nursers.

Coyotes are supposedly killing all the fawns, but they didn’t get these two.



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A buck with a damaged antler is the first to visit this year’s feeding station:

The antler could very well continue to grow out at this weird angle. The antler is still in velvet and will be for the next month or so.

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These are bite marks on quaking aspen nearly seven feet up the three.


And some shed out hair. Moose have hollow hair like white-tailed deer, but it’s based upon on a much larger scale. They also have a much denser undercoat.


The moose weren’t on the trail that day, but they weren’t that far off.


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These were taken with my telephoto lens, and they were quite a distance off.






I post these photos from South Carolina. They were taken over a month ago from the lodge where I was staying near Denali National Park.

They might as well have come from a different universe.

But they are from the same country.

These calves had their mother and thus had a fighting chance against the bears and wolves.

I hope they are doing well now.

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I saw several sea otters on my cruise, but I saw them from the ship while it was in motion.

So this is my best photo:


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I’ve never been whale watching in my life. The only wild whale I’ve seen was a dead pygmy sperm whale in North Carolina, so this was quite an experience.

These are all humpback whales, which come to Alaska to feed on the vast of krill and baitfish that are themselves fed on the vast phytoplankton blooms that happen as a result of long days of sunlight and the nutrients of glacial silt. They go to Hawaii to have their calves and breed, but those warm seas are totally devoid of whale food. So they come up to Alaska every summer to fatten themselves up. Hawaii is pretty much devoid of orcas, which kill whale calves, so those waters are the nursery. But the nursery is in a sea of famine.








There were many, many humpbacks swimming near the boat. I wish I had a photo of the one that came closest to the boat. I think it came within maybe 60 feet of the boat, and the first thing you could see is this massive black form coming up from the gray sea. Within just a few seconds, the great form appeared above the surface, spouted, and slipped back under.

I wish I had been able to get photos of that whale. It was really impressive.

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Pretty disturbing:

And here’s what you need to know about their “poison” (which isn’t really venom).

Find out more about the problems with the slow loris trade here.


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