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Gaur in the backyard

Gaur are the largest of all cattle species, but in some parts of India, they are as common in backyards as white-tailed deer are here.

These animals are sometimes called “Indian bison,” but they are actually more closely related to domestic cattle.

Living with large wild bovines can be a hazard. I think that’s why the aurochs was made extinct in Europe, and the European bison was reduced to just a few relict populations. It’s also why American bison don’t roam like they once did.




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I’ve been visiting with relatives who have come up from the Southland.  Cammie and Bear came up form Baton Rouge.

Bear is a nice, thick-coated Labrador.  A hard core water dog, who went swimming today in 35 degree weather.




And Rhodie and Willie from North Carolina. Cammie and Rhodie are litter sisters.


And Willie– of course.





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At the door

Maddie and Willie on the right, Miley, and Rhodie on the other side.

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This is not Willie

This is not Willie:

(Source for image)

This is Willie:

Amazing isn’t it?


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I’ve been watching the girls and Willie this evening.

I thought I’d post this series of videos to show you how they much they have grown.

Rhodie has some pipes. LOL!

Rhodie and Cammie are littermates. Cammie has short legs like Willie, and Rhodie is long-legged and very greyhound-like.

Cammie belongs to my cousin who is studying in Denmark this summer.

Cammie is very well-behaved. She is Miss Affectionate Appeasement.

Rhodie, on the other hand, is a wild animal.


Rhodie and Cammie’s dad is a wire-haired JRT. Cammie is a smooth, while rhodie is very lightly broken-coated.

However, Spike, their half-brother, is wire-haired just like their dad.  He lives with my aunt’s sister’s family.

The breeder who bred Cammie, Rhodie, Willie, and Spike has selected his dogs to be good with other dogs and to be of a very gentle disposition.

They also very widely in appearance, for he includes short-legged and long-legged dogs in his program, as well as wire, smooth, and broken-coated dogs.

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Willie and Maddie posing

Here are Willie and Maddie:

Maddie is 14, and she lost her eye to glaucoma.

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“Lunch with Friends”

Willie’s dad eating lunch with Maddie on the ottoman, Willie on the floor, and Cammie with her back feet on the ottoman and her front feet on his knee.

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You just want to cuddle them.

You're so cute when you're a cannibal!

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Javelinas at the border

Javelinas, better known as collared peccaries, are stopped at the US/Mexican border wall.

These javelinas are on the Arizona side of the border, but the wall stops them from coming into Mexico. The wall is not continuous across the border, so they can cross at other places.

(Image from the BBC)

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Willie is being used at stud

This is him after being used at stud. It is also educational in that it shows you what a particular part of a male dog’s anatomy looks like.

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