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Asleep on the couch in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Charlie the English shepherd belongs to my cousin Laura Atkinson in Georgia.

He’s a good dog.

And the JRT pups are, too– when they are asleep.


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G is an intact male Pit Bull, and he is having a blast at Laura’s house in Georgia. He belongs to one of Laura’s friends, and as you can see, he’s quite dog friendly:


Millie is a German short-haired pointer x. She is a little unsure about G, who actually wants to be her boyfriend.

Charlie is a very sweet English shepherd. He is quite a gentlemen.

And they are having a great time together!

Charlie's demonic play face.

The only thing this group is missing is a certain blond golden retriever.

Miley and Charlie got on quite well together. They are  both very people-centered dogs, and both are very responsive to commands. Miley was very impressed to meet another dog like her.

Laura is into rescue. She also has two dog wannabes of the feline variety.

*All photos by Laura Westfall. Not for public use.

As I’ve said before, when your family has dogs named Millie, Miley, and Willie, things do get a bit confusing.

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