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Hunting Days

This is a pretty good documentary about the foxhunting controversy in the UK.

Source. (Part II is here).

I’m not actually much of an animal rights activist, so some scenes, like where they kill dairy bull calves with a bolt gun to feed the hounds really don’t get me going.

I don’t think this documentary makes the hunt saboteurs look very good. Covering up their faces  like that reminds me of the Shining Path terrorists in Peru.

Or the Klan.

These people have created a cult where the fox is like the sacred cow of India. Don’t ever kill a fox! Fox hunting is dog fighting!

Anyone who has ever seen how dogs, even very nice ones, react to the sight of a fox will tell you that dogs don’t think of foxes as being the same species.

Plus, even if it were two members of the same species, it’s not fighting at all. The fox almost always gets away without a dog laying a fang on it.

But when you have a Labour Party that decided to stab its most hardcore supporters in the back in the 1980’s, then have Tony Blair come in and continue the job as a “socialist” prime minister, the only bone it could throw to its “base” was to come up with convoluted foxhunting ban (which is full of loopholes).

And then St. Tony of the Foxes proceeded to join the Great Texan Liberator into the clusterfuck and outright crime that was the Iraq War.

He was more willing to push for the perceived rights of foxes than for the rights over how many people were killed in Iraq.

And that is the story of how perverse the modern political world is.

The left is left protesting badger culls and signing petitions to save the life of giraffes while the whole damned project of building decent societies based upon social democratic principles is being eviscerated.

If you want to know the big reason I don’t care too much for animal rights activism, it’s because it’s a giant distraction.

And it allows scumbags like Tony Blair to claim to be for progressive ideals while doing the exact opposite.



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Is this story true?

ed schultz beagle

There is a rumor going around on the internet that Ed Schultz shot a dog while hunting.

There are two versions of this story:

1. He did it while drunk.

2. He did because the dog refused to retrieve a duck.

I would like to know if this is true.

I am known to be somewhat on the leftward side of politics, and I have been a fan of Ed Schultz since way back.

But is this story true?

I would like a source that has the following criteria;

1. Not from Glenn Beck.

2. Not from any right wing extremist websites.

Apparently this story is well-known in North Dakota.

So please enlighten me…


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akc  Russia anti gay law


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(Not one of the anti-Obama catahoula breeder's dogs!)

(Not one of the anti-Obama Catahoula breeder’s dogs!)

I admit there are some dogs I’ve just not qualified to own.

I’m not going to try an ovtcharka of any sort. That’s just way outside my area of expertise.

Ditto on Fila Brasileiros.

I don’t think I would be a good fit for a pet coyote either.

Now, all of those are based upon what I know and what I know I don’t know.

My political views have little to do with it.

Now, the dog world is quite political– about the dogs.

And those politics are often amusing, and if they were ever to stop, I’d run out of material for this blog in very short time!

But I’ve noticed in recent years that the actual human political scene has worked its way into dogs.

Many dog breeders are radical libertarians or paleoconservative. Many dog rescuers are vegan leftists.

I’m actually neither, though I’d be closer to being called a “leftist” than a libertarian.

I left a well-known list on Yahoo! groups because all they did was Tea Party this and Tea Party that and conspiracy theory this and conspiracy theory that.

And no one ever talked about dogs.

But politics aside, most dog people don’t really care who you voted for.

At least I hope not.

It has come to my attention via a reader in the Blog Readers’ Group today that there is one kennel that is denying placing any puppy or adult dog with Obama voters.

This is Oak Hill Catahoulas in Townsend, Georgia. The owner of the kennel is Kyle Duncan.

Judging from what it says on the bottom of his website, he’s not a big fan of Obama. And if you voted for him, you aren’t getting a dog from him!

oak hill catahoulas

Click to enlarge.

The page says:

If you voted for Obama, or you are a Registered Democrat I will not sell you a dog, You have proven that you can not take care of an animal, there are no food stamps or Obama care for animals!!! Please do not call or Email me, you are a loser!!!

Well, I did vote for Obama, even though even though almost no one in my state did, and I’ve been a registered Democrat as soon as I was old enough to register to vote.

I think this fellow is also operating under the assumption that the only person who would want a Catahoula, which are very good hunting dogs, would be conservative hunter types.

But not all American hunters are conservative, just as not all white Southerners are.

I can see the idea that you only sell to working homes as a tradition that exists in so many breeds, but why cast the net so small that it gets only the conservatives?

We live in a strange country. And at a very strange time.

Even the effing dogs are caught up in the spectacle.

It’s a shame.

A damn shame.

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I support marriage equality

And I have for years:

facebook marraige equality

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Here’s an account of what I would regard as the scariest thing ever to come out of West Virginia. This happened in 1974, not the seventeenth century.

The events described in this piece by James Haught of the Charleston Gazette, and these events occurred in Kanawha County, which is the state’s most populous county. It’s where the state capital is located, and one would think it would be a little bit more urbane in its instincts. In some ways, it is, but if this could happen in this part of the state, just imagine what the more rural areas could be like?

Just imagine a world where this cold happen:

Rock-throwing mobs forced schools to close. Two schools and the board office were bombed. Two people were shot. Coal miners struck to support the religious protest. Ku Klux Klansmen and right-wing kooks flocked to Charleston. Some upriver residents tried to form a separate county. A preacher and his followers discussed murdering families who wouldn’t join a school boycott. The minister finally went to prison.

Nope. Not Muslims. Not in Pakistan.

Here. In America.

And what caused all that furor?

Modernity. The books ere nothing more than run of the mill textbooks that covered things that every student in America should learn.

Nothing else.

The Rev. Charles Quigley prayed for God to kill the board members who endorsed the books. A grade school was hit by a Molotov cocktail. Five shots hit a school bus. A dynamite blast damaged another grade school. A bigger blast damaged the school central office.

Near-riot conditions continued. Robert Dornan of California, a pornography foe, addressed a crowd of 3,000. Protesters started evangelical schools. A fundamentalist magistrate led an attempt to make eastern Kanawha a separate county.

Minister Horan and three of his followers were indicted for the bombings. Ku Klux Klan leaders led a Charleston rally to support them. An imperial wizard from Georgia said the Kanawha textbooks contained “the most vulgar, vile and filthy words in print” — which was odd, since non-fundamentalists couldn’t find any obscenities in them.


In modern times, we’d call these people terrorists, but I guess because they said Jesus a lot, they just couldn’t be real ‘turrists.”

One of the big reasons why I don’t vote Republican is because the Republican Party has decided to play games with these people.

No, they may not want to blow up schools, but they definitely hate public education.

They hate modernity and rationalism.

And they will do anything to force that upon the nation.

They don’t have to use dynamite.

All they have to use is elect the right number of fanatics to office, and they’ll blow up public education for us all.

A common thread among religious right leaders is that they hate big government.

This is a lie.

They love big government.

They don’t want a government that educates children or provides decent medical care.

But they do want a government that controls what you think and what you read.

They do want a government worries about what happens in the bedroom. They do want a government that can control the standards for science education.

If the Republican Party would tell these people to take a hike, I might consider voting for some of them.

Until it does, I’m voting straight Democratic ticket.

Do I think things like this can happen again?


I wouldn’t have wasted my time writing this if I didn’t have some concern that it might happen again.

Right now the Republican Party is a wounded beast.

It is wounded largely because it hitched its wagon to the religious right.

However, the religious right has so strongly worked its way into Republican Party institutions, and it will be very difficult to kick to the curb.

In fact, as soon as the religious right feels that it’s about to get some push back from the party, that will be the moment in which it goes completely off the rails.

You thought it was off the rails before?

You haven’t seen anything yet.









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1930’s Facebook Convo

1930's Facebook Convo


A better explanation can be found in this song, which unfortunately no one seems to understand:


This is not a song about Southern Pride.

It’s a song about the successes of the New Deal.

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