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Kizzy, the golden boxer, looking fine.

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Half golden retriever/half vizsla:


Here’s a retrizsla puppy at a few months of age with an undocked vizsla puppy of the same age:


Check out the retrizsla website for more info.

I’d like to see this cross with a darker golden retriever.

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“You want that golden retriever to do what to me?”

Another one of those strange questions on Yahoo! Answers.
I don’t know why you would intentionally breed this cross. It would be tough for the male pom. He might need some help! I don’t think a female Pomeranian would survive either the mating or the whelping.

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I’ve never seen this before. Most golden retriever/collie crosses are black or black-and-tan with or without some white markings.


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(Source for image)

This dog is a cross between a Boston terrier and a poodle (“Bossi-poo.”)

I know the ears don’t make sense, because generally, erect ears are recessive to drop ears.

However, this is not an absolute. One of the F1 boxer/corgi crosses in Bruce Cattanach’s bob-tailed boxer program had erect ears. Another example of this cross also has erect ears.


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Very cute. Like a field line golden with a beard;


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The cute puppies are…

Source for image.

These pups are Pyrdoodles, Great Pyrenees crossed with poodles.

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