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Kizzy, the golden boxer, looking fine.

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Half golden retriever/half vizsla:


Here’s a retrizsla puppy at a few months of age with an undocked vizsla puppy of the same age:


Check out the retrizsla website for more info.

I’d like to see this cross with a darker golden retriever.

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“You want that golden retriever to do what to me?”

Another one of those strange questions on Yahoo! Answers.
I don’t know why you would intentionally breed this cross. It would be tough for the male pom. He might need some help! I don’t think a female Pomeranian would survive either the mating or the whelping.

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I’ve never seen this before. Most golden retriever/collie crosses are black or black-and-tan with or without some white markings.


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(Source for image)

This dog is a cross between a Boston terrier and a poodle (“Bossi-poo.”)

I know the ears don’t make sense, because generally, erect ears are recessive to drop ears.

However, this is not an absolute. One of the F1 boxer/corgi crosses in Bruce Cattanach’s bob-tailed boxer program had erect ears. Another example of this cross also has erect ears.


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Very cute. Like a field line golden with a beard;


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The cute puppies are…

Source for image.

These pups are Pyrdoodles, Great Pyrenees crossed with poodles.

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This dog is a Scolden terrier.

Half Scottish terrier/half golden retriever.

I told you it was a bizarre cross.  Some of you got close.

Here are some more photos.

Many of you may not be aware that Scottish terriers also come in cream color, which is referred to as wheaten (not “Wheaton.”) We generally tend to think of Scottish terriers as black or very dark brindle dogs.

It is an e/e yellow to red color, so it is possible to get yellow puppies out of this cross.

I don’t know why anyone would cross these two breeds. Both are fairly cancer-ridden, and Scottish terriers have a very different utility from golden retrievers.

I wonder how much one of these dogs costs.

My guess is that is far more than one would spend for the exact same cross at an animal shelter.

However, the designer dog phenomenon is a major pressure on the dog fancy. People are letting their imaginations run wild.

A lot of it is nothing more than avarice and the caprices of a fickle market.

But some of it might actually lead to some reforms in the greater fancy.

The market share that goes to these dogs takes money away from the established registries.

I’d like to have a rational discussion about these dogs that is free of the general  accusations that both sides tend to throw at each other.

You know my prejudice. I’m in favor of open registries. I am uncomfortable with the ideal of blood purity for blood purity’s sake. It seems to me a bit antiquated, and in the long run, it is going to be very harmful to domestic dogs as a species.

But I’m not so sure breeding Scottish terriers to golden retrievers is helping my case.

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You won’t guess what this one is.

It’s novel.

Let’s just say that.

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I call it the Bengal retriever:

Story here.

Hat tip to Jen at INU-BAKA for passing this along.

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